Thursday, March 13, 2008

Vegas, baby sweater, new socks, steeplechase

So much has gone on since my last blog post. Ree-di-cu-lous.

Vegas was a blast. The suites at the Bellagio are absolutely decadent and wonderful. The steam shower was amazing, I want one! Kristy was even more beautiful on her wedding day than the first time around (nigh on 20 years ago!). Her husband is wonderful & we had a great time.

The baby sweater & hat got finished. Too cute. Em was tickled & apparently Jenksie has gotten a whole bunch of use out of them already. And no buttons to eat this time!

The latest project (besides the matching baby sweater for another DA) is a pair of River Rapids socks. In some of my Lorna's Laces stash sock yarn, Iris Garden.
The latest on the homefront....househunting & preparing for the Steeplechase the end of this month. I get to wear a gown for the formal dinner on Friday & a dress and a HAT on Saturday for the steeplechase. I am going to sip mint juleps and watch the ponies! yay!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How many days 'til Vegas?

8 days, I think.
When Lake first proposed this trip, I initially vetoed it....too soon after our honeymoon, too decadent. But he insisted and I have to say that it was one of his best ideas, ever. I can't wait for 3 luscious lazy days in Vegas with my husband.

Today I finished the little baby sweater for Jenkins, DA Emily's baby girl. I had a little yarn left over & I cast on for a hat too. Of course, I was too lazy to look up a pattern, so I just guessed at it. It may fit, it may not. Who knows.

I will try to post a picture later.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Trauma & drama

The usual around here, it seems.
3 sick kids
1 sick ex-husband visiting
no electric for 8 hours due to high winds
All pieces of the baby sweater blocked, but not happy with measurements. Ugh.
Avoidable argument with hubby.

Fun, fun.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Commuter marriage

Month one of the commuter marriage.

It sucks.

How does it suck? Let me count the ways....nope there is no way to be more eloquent or flowery with this particular sentiment. My marriage is at this point a roller coaster ride of emotional and physical highs and lows. I look forward to the weekends with a rabid ferocity. I dread Mondays with an equally opressive gloom. Sundays have become a bizarre mix of near bi-polar giddiness and depressive sulleness for both of us, although to be fair, my moodiness is much more pronounced than his. Girl. Go figure.

I know that I am silly crazy in love right now and that certainly affects my perceptions. My highs are going to be higher, my lows, lower. But even this realization doesn't temper how much it sucks.

So we both indulge in our habits while apart. He works too much and when I call before bed, he is still at the office. I sit in a quiet house worrying that the home he returns to is quieter still. He works and tires. I worry and fret about trains and cholesteral and no dinner. I buy yarn that I don't need and eat too many pieces of cinnamon toast for supper.
I know that the best blogs have a uniformity of subject. But tough tooties. This is for me.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Too in love to knit.


I have been too busy being married to my wonderful husband (ok...and a bunch of other stuff too-new law firm, kids, travelling, etc.) to knit.

But I found a great new knitting forum and I did roll up a skein of sock yarn yesterday. I also bought more sock yarn on ebay.

Oh my DA friend sent me a photo via cellphone of her gorgeous baby daughter enjoying the baby blanket I knit for her before her birth! It was a definite warm & fuzzy (the blanket & the picture!)

Today's tally of currently unfinished knitting/felting projects:

(1) Pink felted pig purse (knitted, felted, just needs lined & handles)

(2) Purple Alpaca hat & scarf set (hat knitted, needs curliques-scarf on needles & started)

(3) Columbia house Alpaca afghan (started, need to buy more yarn)

(4) Lornas' Laces Hawaiian socks (one done, second on needles)

(5) Large felted carpet bag 2-(Knitted, felted, needs lined & handles)

(6) Medium felted carpet bag-(On needles)

(7) Small felted bag-(on needles)

(8) Chenille baby blanket (on needles)

(9) Bolero jacket (on stitch holders)

(10) Purple sweater (halfway finished on stitch holders)

I am pretty sure there are other socks on needles out there too. Must look.

Today's gratituitious photo- The husband in Iraq circa 2003. He's my Forest, I'm his Jenny.

Hard to believe this man married a woman with a peace sign & daisies tattoo, eh?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oh, the craziness.

Top ten things that have happened in my life since last post(*not necessarily in chronological order):

10. Met Lake.

9. Went to TWO WVU football games at Mountaineer Field.

8. Went to Chicago for the first time.

7. Formed a new law firm with my little buddy Reid.

6. Had surgery on my wrist & couldn't knit for months.

5. Fell in love with Lake.

4. Met Samantha & Lakey & fell in love with them too.

3. Realized what wonderful friends and family I have.

2. Saw Brett Favre win a Packer's game at Lambeau Field.

1. Married Lake!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

So, I went searching for my camera to take photos of my latest completed Noni carpet bag (the rather huge one) and lo and camera. I think it may have absconded to WV with my teenager. Go figure.

In keeping with the spirit and my attempt to get into a blogging habit, I will have to post the pre-felting photos.